How to Have Fun Every Day this Month

How to Have Fun Every Day this Month

How to Have Fun Every Day this Month

Summer isn’t over quite yet! It feels like the days are flying by but there is still plenty of sunlight to enjoy the last few weeks until the calendar turns over to autumn. Let’s have some fun! Every day! Shall we??

How to Have Fun Every Day this Month
How to Have Fun Every Day this Month

Here are (at least!) 30 ways to have fun this month!

From activities at home and in the community to outings with friends and family, there are so many ways to enjoy this month!

  1. Plan a backyard movie night.  

Such a fun way to watch an old favorite film and introduce others to your collection. Pull out that old projector and put up a white sheet! Have a blank wall? Even better. Or roll out the television for a night under the stars. Popcorn, snacks, and drinks will keep them coming back for more!

  1. Plan a picnic with friends.

What’s even better than going out to dinner? Lounging in the park on a blanket under a tree nibbling on treats and chatting away with friends. Get fancy or grab sandwiches from a local shop!

  1. Collect flowers to press.

One way to remember your garden is to collect and press flowers. It’s a fun activity with children and a great way to display summer’s bounty.

How to Have Fun Every Day this Month
How to Have Fun Every Day this Month
  1. Put up a hammock and read for the afternoon.

Ahhh. Is there anything nicer than having an afternoon to just read? Gather your goodies and head to the shady trees!

  1. Plan an adventure. 

Been meaning to take that hike or go to that antique shop? Or just get lost on a long drive. Plan a day for adventure! It can be whatever you have been putting off or nothing at all. Who knows what you’ll find… Go!

  1. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. 

Get out and walk the pups or stay in and pet the kitties. Helping out at your local shelter is a fun way to spend time with animals and give back to the community. You just might find a lifetime friend!

  1. Have a pool day.

Trying to find ways to beat the heat? Spend the day by the pool. Or get an inflatable pool to put your feet in while you sip on something cool. Cool by the pool…

  1. Hang out by the firepit.

Gather your friends and some firewood and hang out by the fire. Roasting something sweet and sticky is not required but will probably be delicious!

  1. Go on a local art tour.

 Look up what galleries are featuring local artists, go alone or with a friend, and plan an afternoon of enjoying local art. 

  1. Try a new hobby.

Been meaning to try knitting? How about pottery? Or container gardening for kitchen herbs?! 

  1. Stargazing. 

Spread out a blanket, pick a dark night, and check out the stars. Or wait for the full moon to make a wish!

  1.  Plan a treasure hunt.

The kids will absolutely love this! Make a map and hide goodies for them to find. Who will actually have more fun?? 

  1. Take a class.
How to Have Fun Every Day this Month
How to Have Fun Every Day this Month

There are some great, free classes available both online and at community centers. Want to learn to tap dance? How about candle making? There’s a class for that!

  1.  Go to a concert.

Whether your favorite band is playing or a local group is performing in the park, live music is a wonderful summertime activity. 

  1.  Take in a museum.

Been meaning to see that new exhibit? Or maybe you just want to meander through the sculpture garden again. Culture+you=FUN.

  1.  Have a spa day.

There are so many ways to make a fun spa day! Get a renewing facial. Go sit in the sauna and let the stress melt away. Or simply pull out the polish and give yourself a mani-pedi in a bright color!

  1.  Try a new recipe.

Summer’s bounty overflowing on your countertop? Try something new with all that corn. Or bake up a batch of muffins with all those blueberries. Dive into all those recipes you’ve been saving — your belly will thank you!

  1.  Bake a cake.

It doesn’t need to be someone’s birthday to enjoy a freshly baked cake. It can even be gluten and sugar-free. Break out the baking pans and make your favorite edible. 

  1. Make art.

Get creative! Inspired by your recent trip to the museum? Have a bucket of clay ready to be sculpted into a statue? How about a self-portrait? Leave them something for the ages. 

  1. Send a letter. 

Imagine receiving a handwritten letter in the mail?? Or leave one on your neighbor (or beloved’s) doorstep. Imagine the surprise and joy on their face when they see your handiwork.

  1. Host a virtual party (with your faraway friends).

Plan a party for your friends that can’t be with you in person. Put up a silly backdrop and take selfies. Make a punchbowl of something sweet and light and spend an afternoon or evening with your not-so nearest but dearest.

  1. Get crafty.

Pull out your paper and stickers and stamps and pipe cleaners. All that crafty stuff in your closet just waiting to be made into something… FUN! 

How to Have Fun Every Day this Month
How to Have Fun Every Day this Month
  1. Puzzle.

Have a quiet afternoon with that giant puzzle that you’ve been dying to dive into. 1000 pieces of the French countryside? You’ve met your match!

  1. Color.

When was the last time you colored? Let the scent of those crayons take you back to when you spent those carefree days lying on the floor playing with colors and making magic.

  1. Play cards.

How fun to sit around a table and chat about every little thing. Or pull out the board games. Make a batch of a tasty beverage and enjoy a good-old game night with friends!

  1. Have an indoor camping night.

Not exactly a happy camper? Bugs and the heat too much for you? Let’s go camping INDOORS! Pitch a tent and pull out the blankets and goodies and hunker down for a night under the…ceiling! Safe and sound and nary a bear for miles. 

  1. Make breakfast for dinner.

Pancakes and potatoes and eggs, oh my! Who doesn’t get happy at the thought of breakfast for dinner? It’s so exciting to have maple syrup and hot sauce at the same time. Am I right??

  1. Collect heart stones.

How often do you see stones shaped like hearts while hiking?  Bring one home to remind you of an amazing day on the trail.

  1. Find a new spot in the neighborhood.

Take a stroll through your neighborhood to see what’s new! Find new-to-you local spots to grab a snack or a drink or take in music or arts.

  1. Take a bike ride.

Take a ride through your favorite area to look at all the historic landmarks and beautiful casitas. Invite friends for an evening ride to look at the stars and end at the new spot you found yesterday!

How to Have Fun Every Day this Month
How to Have Fun Every Day this Month

     Enjoy the last weeks of summer and tell us something fun you did! 

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