What We Do

The Scher Center for Well Being is not your typical healing center. " I feel liberated, stand taller, release tension easily and have lots of energy and flexibility" says one long term New Mexico resident and gallery owner. " My heart has not fluttered once since I came to see you ad I have not had one migraine headache either" says a young woman diagnosed as a child with a heart abnormality, who had been having migraines since she was 9 years old.

"When I started care my blood oxygen level was 77% and 5 weeks later it is 92%" exclaims a woman in her seventies who came in struggling to breathe, challenged to get oxygen in her lungs.  " My whole back is more flexible and fluid than its ever been" says an active man in his mid-forties.  " My mind, body, thoughts were taken to a different spiritual realm- here, my mind, thoughts and body were receiving information of complete love and wholeness" share a teacher in her mid-thirties about her experience during a session.


To sponsor you into being more home in yourself while being excited about life and it's possibilities. To wake up our community and our culture to knowing the healing power within and within life for spectacular aliveness, vitality and spark!  To heal without limits and learn to use your wounding, fear and pain to catapult you into authentic, transformative awakening into the true heart and soul of your being.

We teach that health conditions, disease and symptoms are our body's way of saying something is needing our attention and needs to change. Typically in our culture we attempt to silence this communication from the body and fix or cure anything that is bothering us or 'getting in our way'.  When in fact, what the body often needs is a transformation of our lifestyle, consciousness and an empowered relationship with our self.

Core to the philosophy at Scher Center is that people are self-healing and biologically evolving being - consciousness and universal wisdom are woven into our very cells.

At the Scher Center a person is assisted in moving to greater depths of internal health, wellness, authentic expression and freedom in a variety of ways.  We use a leading edge chiropractic technology called Network Care that supports the nervous system in creating new pathways and strategies that have far reaching consequences that lead  a person to experience a higher quality of life - attributes such as trust, love, inner peace and compassion become part of daily living.  We use a tool called Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) that works with a person's own breath, touch and movement to help them connect more fully through the body, releasing tension , discovering peace and creating physical anchors to different states of consciousness.

Your body is a profound teacher. One needs to feel safe enough in the body to feel, connect, move through and reorganize what is present to become fully alive.

The Scher Center for Well Being exists to challenge the status quo of living and lead our practice members to achieve the highest level of sustainable well being. Scher Center has an obligation to our members to provide a safe environment and to help as many as we can reach their goals and beyond. The Scher Center believes that the core to achieving success and progress with one’s healing is to have access to life energy and the ability to harness it for empowering transformation.

This optimizes body self-regulation, increasing connection with bodymind wisdom and supports effortless awakening that is at the heart of our program. Your ability to self-regulate and self-heal is directly impacted by how much LIFE ENERGY you have access to and how well you can utilize it.  Empowering your relationship to access energy for healing and growth is at the core of our program. We are here to help you step up to your next level of healing and life.

We are about Total Life Transformation and helping you connect from where you are to where you want to be. If you feel that there is more to your life than you are expressing and living and healing into… there is! Come journey with us! We are dedicated to inspiring, educating and delivering a blend of state of the art tools and techniques with timeless wisdom that will support sustainable change within body, mind, heart, and spirit.

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