What to expect on your first visit:

You will have been given history intake form, a questionnaire on how you are working with stress at this time,  and a Network Care consent form and anything else that we think is important for your intake and to get to know you better.

We will ask you to remove your shoes out front before going back to the consult/exam room.

Please make sure you wash your hands upon entering the Center. Keep your facemask on until the Dr. let's you know its okay to remove it

You will then meet with the Doctor to discuss your health and wellness concerns and goals. The doctors will also do a comprehensive exam of your neural-spinal system including exploring how your body responds to the gentle style of work that we do here.

Included in your orientation to our care and our office, will be going over all of the findings with you. At this time we will together determine if our Care is appropriate to help you reach your goals for true healing and if so, what a personalized care plan would look like for you.

We look forward to seeing you!