We Celebrate our Practice Member of the Month- Leslie

Leslie's  Story.

"The positive energy flowing here at the Scher Center embraces me and is enabling me to explore my own energies and reconnect to myself." – F.W.

"NSA and SRI help me to witness the natural power within me to truly heal – to change my perception of what can be -I can check in and don't want to check out!!" – J.S.

"Today I am different. My body is different. Old patterns are dropping away. The leg that was supposedly significantly shorter than the other, isn’t. The calluses on my big toes that form from dancing barefoot daily now “match” from stepping evenly into my feet. It is no longer painful to climb or descend stairs. I can raise my arms to pull a t-shirt over my head without pain. I can sleep through the night without throbbing in my leg awakening me. There is more space along my shoulder blades, and my spine no longer feels like it is jammed into the base of my skull. I can rest both shoulders on the earth when I lay in a twisted position on my back. My body is shifting, changing, reorganizing. It's magical, from my point of view." -JK


"The Scher Center for Well Being has helped me to start my journey to healing. I had gone to many different doctors and specialists and tried different treatments for my cervical dystopia (torticollis). I had seen primary physicians, orthopedic specialists, sport medicine specialists, physical therapists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, chiropractors, accupuncturists, etc. I had x-Rays and MRI's conducted. No one and nothing really helped. The Scher Center program was the first time in over five years that I felt there was some hope for healing. The knowledge and awareness I have gained through the scans, entrainments and classes and have helped me see that my healing is really all about me and within me. Simple and yet so amazing! I am so grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend the Center and treatment to anyone who wants to start their personal journey to healing."  B.G.


“I’m so moved by your great skill, your deep commitment and beautiful hearts. Thank you for being midwives at the portal of my being and becoming. Here’s to learning how to fly again and learning how to land safely!” J.M.

"For me this journey is about acknowledging the inner wisdom the body holds.  It represents a path to wellness beyond what the conscious mind knows.  My body responds to the internal rhythms of healing."   B.V.

"This work goes so deep with such a light touch.  It supports and embraces my body's own integrity. "   E.D.

"Everyday is a new day with unlimited potential.  Thank you for nurturance, guidance, much wisdom and love.  I navigate with ease even with the forks in the road." C.C.

"Scher Center has helped me to discover a new way of feeling well and empowered in my life no matter what crisis or pain may occur." K.A.

"I've done many different things in my life for self development but NSA/SRI is the first thing that has had a truly 'genuine' effect on a very deep level.  I feel more grounded in my Self and more fulfilled in my everyday life.  I feel very connected to God and my spiritual essence, more so than ever before, even after studying Eastern philosophy for 40 years and spending time in India and ashrams.  It seems like such a simple practice but has such profound results. "H.F.

"Physically, I breathe deeper and have greater lung capacity.  Mentally, I'm stronger, more focused and flexible, as opposed to being scattered and overwhelmed.  Emotionally, I feel an advantage now that I can consciously open free channels of energy, thereby reducing stress.  Spiritually, I feel the health of my spine and nervous system is connecting me closer with God and the flow of the universe.  I'm still on this path.  What a gift!  It works!"  K.L.E.

" Judy consistently facilitates a safe and supportive environment.  Her office is a haven where I can explore whatever is present without judgment.  She has taught me to live a more uncensored life.  Physically – when I started network care, I could barely walk a block due to a chronic back condition.  I was advised to have surgery.  I have not had surgery and this past weekend I did 2, 7 mile hikes.  I have greater freedom of movement and more ease in my body.  Emotionally – I never really wanted to admit I have feelings as I found any feeling overwhelming and scary.  Gradually, I've become more comfortable with how I feel and that I 'feel'.  I'm more accepting of my humanity, more willing to feel the full range of emotions.  I am eternally grateful for Judy and her care!" C.M.

" I have been under NSA care since the 90's.  It's been crucial for my well being and opened up my awareness of my mind and body.  My experience with Judy since I moved to Santa Fe 41/2 years ago has been unique and inspirational.  I am continually surprised by my body's responses under Judy 's care.  She's "with me" in all says as she connects me with my gateways.  I move with ease and appreciate her ability to help me reach my "stuck" places."  N.G.