Benefits of Care

Benefits of Network Care

“Network Care has a direct effect on client self-reported wellness which is twice that expected from healthy lifestyle practices (exercise, risk avoidance, optimal food choices). Network also has a major indirect effect on wellness promoting healthy life-style choices.”
R.H. Blanks, Ph.D.
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
University of California, Irvine

A recent retrospective study of 2,818 patients receiving Network care in the United States and around the world, demonstrated that Network care is associated with profound and statistically significant improvement in self-reported wellness areas. Patients report changes in:

Patients report improvement in their:

  • overall health and general well-being
  • ability to cope with daily problems
  • family relationships
  • significant relationships
  • work

Life enjoyment
Patients experience:

  • openness to guidance by inner feelings
  • increased relaxation and well-being
  • positive feelings about self
  • interest in maintaining a healthy life-style
  • feeling of openness when relating to others
  • compassion for others

Life-style changes
Patients report increases in:

  • regular exercise
  • practice of Tai Chi/Yoga
  • meditation and prayer
  • relaxation and self-hypnosis
  • consuming health food and vitamins
  • eating partial or total vegetarian diet
  • decreased need for prescription medications

Quality of Life
Patients experience improvement in:

  • personal life
  • self-awareness
  • ability to adapt to change
  • handling problems in life
  • accomplishments in life
  • life as a whole
  • overall contentment with life
  • relationship with significant other
  • job satisfaction
  • life being as one wants it to be
  • romantic life
  • actual work done
  • relationship with co-workers
  • physical appearance

Blanks, RH; Boone, WR; Schmidt, S; Dobson, M; Network Care: A retrospective outcomes assessment. 1996
Dobson, M; Boone WR; Blanks, RH; Women and Alternative Health Care: A retrospective study of recipients of Network Care. 1996

95% of individuals receiving NSA care report that their expectations have been met.