How You Really Heal: A Introduction to Network Care

This class will explore different paradigms of healing, focusing on the role of the Nervous System, and how it is pivotal for your ability to live in full health and vitality.  In this class you will get to see an exciting demonstration and how the body reorganizes the effects of stress.  This class is a wonderful introduction for new individuals to learn the power and grace of Network Care.

Introduction to Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Discover the universal rhythms of healing, and how to harness this wisdom for embodied connection and empowered growth.  You will learn exercises that involve placing your hands on your body, using your breath, movement, and focus, developing your ability to listen to your body’s wisdom and harness new energy for healing.

SRI practice class

An hour long experiential class open to all practice members who have attended an Introduction to SRI class.  This time is designed to help you gain more awareness with the foundation of SRI practice, specifically giving time to develop your own proficiency in listening to your body's cues and rhythms.

Meditation Class with Dr. Judy L. Scher

Learn how to use meditation as a way to connect to a deeper source of your being, finding center and allowing the mind and body to find peace.



The Triad of Change – An Interactive Workshop.

We all have an innate formula for when things are working well in our lives, creating success and productivity with ease.  Join us for this workshop to uncover your personal success formula for sustainable, effortless progress in your day to day life.


Evolve your Biology:

Discover the neuroscience behind consciousness, progress and the adaptability of the human body.  Explore the body’s incredible capacity as a carrier of information, and the necessary tools for optimization of joy, energy, ease, and effortlessness for your life! Open to guests and the public.


Advanced Network Care Class:

For our practice members who have been in care 2 months or longer, this class will explore the power of the wave as a carrier of information, transformation, and awakening.  Through demonstrations, you will see the expansiveness of the body, and the strategies necessary to support the next step in your growth and evolution.