PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) Therapy Vs. Red Light Therapy

Difference between red light therapy and PEMF therapy treatment

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) Therapy Vs. Red Light Therapy

Which Form of Therapy is Right For You?

Lucky you! Trying to decide between PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) therapy and red light therapy is like choosing which gift to open first! 

There are a few differences between red light therapy and PEMF therapy in the body. But the main difference is simple: electrical vs. light. There are many benefits to each kind of therapy – which one is just right for you??

Difference between Red Light Therapy and PEMF Therapy Treatment

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

With any kind of light therapy, the goal is to stimulate the skin’s tissues. Because the wavelengths in red light are so short, they don’t penetrate into the body very deeply and most likely get absorbed into the tissues. Much like acupuncture, red light therapy will stimulate our meridian systems, where it is applied on the body, but only to a certain degree. This makes red light therapy a perfect and natural choice for your face and skin!

Red light therapy is quite beneficial when it comes to your skin’s health. It is a completely natural process and penetrates deeply into the skin’s tissues. It exposes the skin to the benefits of sunlight, encouraging optimal skin and cellular function — without harmful UV light from the sun. You will experience immediate and cumulative health and beauty benefits. Hello gorgeous!

red light therapy bed
  • Research shows that red light therapy for the face helps smooth the skin, improve facial texture and complexion, and enhance overall clarity, tone, and radiance. It helps diminish wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging and skin damage. It also helps increase collagen density which strengthens the skin’s elasticity and adds moisture! Red light therapy for the face? FTW!
  • It also helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks as well as aids in the reduction of scarring, burns, acne scars, and signs of UV sun damage. You won’t have to hide your skin anymore! But seriously, don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Red light therapy has also been shown as a potentially effective treatment for acne. The light appears to penetrate deep into the skin and affect sebum production while also reducing inflammation and irritation. Smile wide, kids!

Imagine soaking in the sun’s rays without the damage? Your skin needs a refresh? Want to feel better and more confident about how your skin looks to the world? Then you’re going to love red light therapy! Our red light therapy bed, the LightStim, is the only FDA-approved LED bed.

Benefits of PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, Therapy

PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, therapy acts much like red light therapy but it is electrical in nature. It connects to our meridians, like in acupuncture, but on a much deeper level to penetrate not only our skin and tissues, but also to reach and penetrate our muscles, and ultimately reach our brain. The biggest difference between red light therapy and PEMF therapy is how deeply it penetrates into our bodies. This all depends on the level of frequency, but ultimately those electrical pulses will pass through and affect our body completely. What’s the buzz? Get ready to feel it!

PEMF therapy relies on our own natural electrical current, or qi, to give us more energy. Being able to control the level of frequency in PEMF therapy truly excels when it comes to enhancing blood circulation, increasing energy at the cellular level, and alleviating inflammation. 

PEMF therapy cell
  • PEMF helps to heal the body at the root cause giving relief to all kinds of inflammatory issues. From rheumatoid arthritis to lupus to psoriasis to inflammatory bowel disease to multiple sclerosis, inflammation can manifest into autoimmune disorders and chronic diseases.
  • Let’s recharge those cells! Ever feel like you need to plug in for the night along with your cell phone? You’re not alone. When our cells are functioning properly, we feel good, we have energy, and we THRIVE. But when they are weakened, we feel tired and burned out. Blah! PEMF helps to amplify our natural energy to stimulate and recharge our cells at their base level. 
  • Get that blood flowing! More than ever, we need to keep our immune system in tip-top shape. PEMF therapy helps nutrients and oxygen flow to our blood cells while also stimulating the lymphatic system to get rid of waste and toxins. In and out! The stronger our immune system is, the better it can fight off disease and help us protect, heal, and recover. Flow, flow, flow!

PEMF therapy also works well with other therapies like acupuncture because of the similarity between the electrical current and qi

Need a recharge at the cellular level? Want to feel the qi flowing through you? Want to strengthen your immune system? Looking to reduce inflammation without using drugs? PEMF is the therapy for you! 

Embrace the Differences between Red Light Therapy and PEMF Therapy Treatment!

Both PEMF and red light therapy require regular practice to see and feel lasting results. At Scher Center for Well Being, Natural Wellness here in Santa Fe, we recommend eating a clean, healthy diet that includes raw, fresh vegetables and fruits and being well hydrated as a great way to support any wellness program. We also recommend staying hydrated before and after any PEMF or red light therapy sessions. Across the board, we always recommend chiropractic care to support total body healing. When your cells and your brain can talk to each other and energy is flowing optimally throughout your nervous system, any therapy you try can be more effective.

Scher Center for Well Being, Natural Wellness here in Santa Fe always has an introductory special for three (3) sessions for either therapy for $108 (that includes 8.4% NM tax). PEMF and red light therapy work naturally to support the body’s metabolism at the cellular level and the benefits of both PEMF and red light therapy are cumulative, so it’s recommended to get a package, which also reduces the amount of individual sessions ($100 each) to almost half. We have many options available for you to enjoy the benefits and differences of PEMF and red light therapy at Scher Center for Well Being, Natural Wellness, here in Santa Fe. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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