"I have more energy than I have had in years. I have less chronic pain, and when I experience pain I no longer contract around it." -J.E.
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"I learn about myself and my body in ways that I can take care of myself." C.K.
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"I love my healing work here. On the practical side, I noticed my money went to wellness rather than illness this year! Wow that's huge." A.S.
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"Instead of 'fixing' me, the focus is on me healing, not an isolated part, but all of me." L.K.
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"The pain I had when I came in seemed to disappear in the first week of care, and now I know why I'm really here, and that's to heal myself."- S.V
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Looking to Boost Your Health? Enjoy the Many Benefits to Drinking Tea

Looking to Boost Your Health? Enjoy the Wonderful Benefits of Drinking Tea

July 22, 2022

Who loves tea? I do, I do! But did you know there are loads of health benefits to drinking a cup (or a pot…you know who you are!) of tea each day? With so many different kinds, take advantage of all of the wonderful benefits of drinking tea! Let us count the ways….

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simple health and wellness tips and trends for summer

Simple Health and Wellness Tips and Trends to Try This Summer

July 11, 2022

The concept of health and wellness can be a complex one and requires juggling many balls. Think of it like spinning a wheel…and needing to tick off each one while balancing on a tightrope. Quite an image, eh? You can do it! Here are some healthy tips that will help you swim through the summer into a sea of wellness!

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November 2021

"Transformation is the only word I can use to describe Dr. Scher's healing process. Having had a very serious illness followed by decades of chronic illness, I had tried many healing practices and had almost given up. From my very first session, I felt a tremendous release and opening occur. Although still at the beginning of this gentle process. I feel a significant difference in my body, mind, energy, and spirit. It all feels "just right."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Jaqueline H.

Introductory Wellness Booster Special  

Pulse XL Pro PEMF or LightStim Red Light Therapy Bed

Individual sessions $55 (includes NM tax) throughout the month of December. ( reg value $100 plus NM tax/session)

Try one or create an optimum package that suits your needs. Just per for it in December.

Package must be used up in 3 months. You determine how many sessions per week you want!

Call 505 989-9373 to schedule your first session!


A Multi-faceted Approach Healing

* Dynamic Whole Person WELL-BEING,   

Self-Care and Optimal Living

*Elegant and LEADING-EDGE Chiropractic - Network Care   (NSA and SRI)


*Functional Nutrition



Learn more by calling Scher WELLNESS CENTER at 505-989-9373 and ask for our special social media promotion consultation to see if this is the right path for you.