Transformational Gate

Transformational Gate

We encourage all members of Scher Center for Well Being to consider attending one or two Transformational Gates per year to enhance and accelerate their own healing potential:

Network Spinal Analysis – Transformational Gate

Participants from all around the world are here to share this healing, and self awareness weekend which has been attended by more than sixteen thousand people.

Participation in The Transformational Gate™ demonstrates your commitment to life, and to a greater degree of wholeness and healing for yourself and the global community.

Attendees are here from all walks of life: lay people of all ages, chiropractors, body and social workers, and other health and wellness facilitators, all with their own stories, and their own dreams.

There are those who are relatively new to the process of personal transformation, new to the concept of being attentive to one’s body, its tension, its ease, its movement, its stillness, its breath and its energetic flow. There are those for whom this is their first Transformational Gate™, and for some this Transformational Gate™ may be their fifth or twenty-fifth program attended. Whether you are a veteran or virgin “Gater”, we welcome you to this profound and powerful program.

Your commitment towards healing yourself, your community, and the world, is about to take a quantum leap.


The Transformational Gate™ Seminar is an educational, experiential weekend designed to help you develop lifetime tools for greater awareness of yourself, your tension and ease patterns, and your body mind’s underlying rhythms and needs. This will assist you in developing a positive experience with your own self- correcting energy dissipating systems resulting in enhanced spinal and nerve system integrity, insight and well being. The Gate nurtures your awareness of your inter-connection with the web of life, assisting you in your journey.

The workshops at The Gate are designed to improve your attentiveness to your inner wisdom. We have found the experience of “awakening” in a group environment facilitates personal healing. The direct and indirect results of The Gate support your advancement in Network Care, and have many self healing benefits including increased self correction and self regulation of spinal Subluxations.

As you participate in this vibrant, dynamic environment, you may notice that one person’s connection within him or herself stirs a sympathetic self reflection in another. Striking of a tuning fork enhances an “entrainment” of another to its vibration. Women living in the same household will often find their monthly cycles begin to synchronize.

Our bodies are made up of vibrational particles dancing to universal rhythms which may be perceived as pulsation and movement. It is our desire that as those around you are more able to experience their natural vibrations and rhythms, it will encourage your body to seek its own inner communication. As one person’s spine can more effectively rock gently through its natural motion, we discover that it becomes easier for others to do the same. You may notice that as you stretch during the program you discover others simultaneously doing the same. Your laughter or other expressions of release of tension or emotion may inspire similar releases in others.

Through our own healing we become more compassionate towards ourselves. Through our compassion for ourselves we can be more available to others. Through our heightened participation with ourselves, we more fully participate with others in the shared experience of healing. This accelerates the healing process for all in attendance.