Ever want a personal mentor? You have the opportunity to do so for only $127/ month.

An online chiropractic mentoring webinar opportunity with Dr. Judy L. Scher

Beginning Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 7pm MT and continuing the 2nd Monday of each month for 9 sessions.

The Keys to a Conscious Practice

Discover your personal leverage points for growth as you build traction for a super rewarding chiropractic practice.


The Keys to a Conscious Practice online mentoring webinar is about the way you show up, moment by moment in your practice, and how you apply your knowledge and science into a coherent, flowing and masterful art.

When you get your chiropractic license and open the door to your practice Life puts you in the driver's seat. You are now considered an expert in helping another human being live a better life; helping them answer questions; helping them find stability when healing offers them instability; helping them to understand the significance of the ups and downs of the healing process with your ‘certainty’.

To develop that certainty, you need to know how to track changes and progress. What are you looking for? How can you listen more? How can you find your own center in the middle of a hectic day?

Here are the details:


A new online chiropractic/reorganizationally-informed mentoring video webinar experience called The Keys to a Conscious Practice. 


This online mentoring experience may be for you if you have recently opened a practice or are in the first few years of practice. This offering may also be for you if you are an experienced practitioner and would like to upgrade your own interactions with practice members, as well as being able to get a sense of the pulse of the growing practitioner community, and refine awareness around how you are practicing to make it a more energized, joyful, and effortless experience.



I would like to be your personal mentor. I would also like to support as many practitioners as possible and utilize the wisdom of community sharing. The intention of the group is to provide experienced insights in how to work within your practice both for personal and professional evolution and development.


This will be a video conference webinar/call once per month. Each month questions will be reviewed (submitted in the weeks prior to the conference call). Guest speakers will join us on certain months (TBA). This is an ongoing webinar over the course of 9 months. Individuals can only join at the beginning of the series, not after it has begun. This series will be set up on a monthly auto-debit with Paypal to keep things flowing and easy.


The series will begin on the 2nd Monday of the month, beginning on February 13th at 6:00pm PT, 7:00pm MT, 9:00pm ET and will continue to 9 sessions. The webinar call will be an hour in length, there may be some calls that may go slightly longer depending upon topic. All webinar calls will be recorded.


The monthly investment for this online mentoring learning and sharing experience is $127 per month.


By being part of this ongoing webinar mentoring community you will also have unlimited email access to me for more immediate questions between calls.


As part of this community, you will have access to past recordings for past webinars.


There will be a closed fb community page for discussions and explorations.

What this is not

This is not a technique webinar. It is assumed that you will attend the appropriate technique seminars to get those questions handled.

This is also not a business coaching seminar. If you require greater levels of organization within your business (in reference to structure, policies and procedures) there are many fine business coaching courses available to meet those specific needs.

What this is

Have you had any of these thoughts/questions:

  • How can I get more consistent mentoring/coaching support around the tangibles and intangibles of practice? (Tangibles: things obvious to me. Intangibles: things not as obvious but make an impact in my practice.
  • It would be valuable for me to be able to check in with an experienced practitioner at least once a month (maybe more) to see if I am on track with:
    • communication skills
    • progress
    • objectives
    • focus
    • how is my energy
    • decisions
    • choices, etc….
Climb the greater heights that you are wanting in life: in your health, with your body, in your relationships.  Discover how your inner body wisdom can be unleashed to create infinite possibilities.
  • How can I guide my practice members even more effectively?
  • How can I elevate the way that I mentor my practice members within the first 30-45 sec they are on my table?
  • How can I keep the quality of my adjustment and move more quickly and effectively?
  • What questions can I ask to help practice members discover what is important to them?
  • How can I anticipate a practice member when they have a medical concern; how can I really listen to see how to best support them?
  • How can I bring more of my natural rhythms and tendencies - my gifts - into the session?

And many more questions!

What do I do now?

I’m interested in being part of The Keys to a Conscious Practice online mentoring webinar

What do I do now?

I’m interested in being part of The Keys to a Conscious Practice online mentoring webinar

After paying and registering for the program you will receive reminder notices before the first call. You will also receive an email on how to best prepare for the call and a brief survey to help me understand what is most important to you.

I look forward to working with you, being your mentor, and having you be part of an empowered community that supports you to feel energized around the gifts that you are giving to the world.

Who is Dr. Judy L. Scher? (that’s me!)

Dr. Judy is a master catalyst for personal transformation and awakening to soul wisdom. Her extraordinary ability to tune into others and uncover their authentic imprint has led many of her chiropractic and life-coaching clients to say that she is their secret weapon to success. With assess to multidimensional states of being, Judy helps others to align with their most powerful and authentic version of self. Her work is grounded in the integration of body, mind and spirit. Whether she is speaking to a group, or working individually, the field of energy that she amplifies propels results of more joy, more freedom, and points you to your greatest destiny.

Dr. Judy graduated from NYCC in 1990. She has studied Network Spinal Analysis with Donald Epstein since 1987 and became part of the international Network teaching staff in 1991, working both seminars and transformational gates. Dr. Judy has been director of the Scher Center for Well Being in Santa Fe since 1992 and has been offering transformational mentoring and coaching since 1997.

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