Dive Deep into Loving Presence

with Dr. Judy Scher

April 27th, May 4th, May 11th, May 18th

6-7:30pm MT




Loving Presence: the capacity to be with one's heart in all ranges without judgment.  The capacity to see the world as a mystic, wise woman, co- creator being, while being humble to the power of life itself.  The ability to be with the REAL, the MESSY, the HOLY and the SACRED all at the same time.  The capacity to hold multiple perspectives including the macro and the micro and not having to choose sides. Having the deep knowing that divine guidance leads the way.  The sublime ability to wait, observe, listen and see until the most coherent rhythm presents itself for action.


In this place, we can find love, peace, sublime joy and alignment. In this place we extend our love to those beings in suffering and struggle. In this place, we carry the vibration of wholeness into the world thus becoming the true medicine humanity needs.  In this place we are the power needed for change and transformation.


In the rhythm of crisis, humanity moves into short term strategies for survival but it isn't a long term sustainable strategy neither does it have anything to do with healing, wholeness and the truth of our being.  We don't deny working with crisis strategies, however we don't stop there...our vision takes us beyond. Our vision takes us to the thirteenth step, back into the spiral, into the mystery.  And we trust that this thirteenth step is where the magic truly is.  We know that life is WONDER and without that we have lost our divine intuition and knowing.


The thirteenth step is right now, in this now moment where the step itself is the illusion.  Join me in exploring and amplifying the knowing and embodying of full PRESENCE. From here, your PRESENCE becomes a transmission of WISDOM, GRACE, LOVE and PEACE even if you are FEELING a lot, even if you don't always feel good, even if things appear messy or you feel expanded.  Wherever you are, walk in the thirteenth step and dance into the mystery itself.


This is a 4 week gathering of brilliant souls coming together to amplify the truth of BEING.  To practice the ranges. To shed tears of humanity. To embrace imperfection. To align with Nature's wisdom.  To strengthen the muscles of heart knowing. To be true to one's nature. To know inspiration and energy. To find power in alignment. To align with the truth of your own being.


If this speaks to your heart, please join me and others in this unveiling time.


I will be utilizing the tools of deep listening through body connection, awareness, meditation, sound, pranayama, deep storying, intuitive guidance and energetic sight and whatever else the thirteenth step requires. There will be sharing, connecting and practice entering the spiral at different perspectives.


This 4 week workshop starts in the middle, the beginning has already happened.  We are where we are and we proceed spherically, in the spiral instead of linearly.  And it will continue...


Interested to participate, please fill out the registration form below and payment info as well.  Your confirmation email will have the zoom link that we will be using. This is a private link for you.  If you have any other questions, email me at drjudy@judyscher.com.  I am honored and blessed to be on this journey together.


Sublime and passionate love of your Being-


Dr. Judy Scher is a transformational catalyst and a midwife to awakening the soul to embodied and loving presence.  She is Director and founder of the Scher Center for Well Being in Santa Fe, NM since 1992. She has been in the Bodymindspirit field since 1981.


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