Climb the greater heights that you are wanting in life: in your health, with your body, in your relationships.  Discover how your inner body wisdom can be unleashed to create infinite possibilities.
Don't let your Success get in the way of your Health and Well Being!

Specializing in 'Network Care', reorganizational healing, tools for personal development and spiritual progression.

“Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within.”    -Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Quantum Health is at your fingertips with NSA!

Stop chasing the illusion of your illness and understand the true nature of how your body heals and expresses dis-ease! Symptoms are a sign from your body telling you that something needs to change. Learn to listen to the messages and hear its wisdom!

Things are often not what they seem , simply because how we 'see' things has more to do with an internalized perception than the actual reality.  This applies to the way we view our health as well.

The old way of dealing with symptoms and disease has not gotten us a healthier society. If anything, it has clouded our ability to connect with what truly helps us heal and beyond that to evolve.

The world that most of us know is changing rapidly and with that there is an increased demand to be flexible, adaptable and resilient in our responses to life events and changes. We call this Reorganizational Healing.

It starts with connection.

True Connection is the Key to Your Well Being

Connection of every single cell within your own body. Connection of your feelings to how your body holds tension that is maladadaptive or productive for growth. Connection to others. Connection to our global community and the earth. Connection to Life!

We help your neurology learn a new language thereby creating new neural pathways so that you can reclaim the genius that your body has within it and have access to your embodied wisdom.

We not only help your body to move out of survival mode, but help you go beyond what you’ve been able to experience in your bodymind.

We assist what is held unconsciously in the body to become present to you so that you may move into wholeness, not the stories but the energy or feelings held by the stories.

If you are tired of repeating the same things over and over and are willing to consider that getting reacquainted with your bodymind can be not only an exciting journey that opens the doorway to healing but can pave the way into your very core nature then we are here ready to serve you.

Healing only happens in the NOW moment, let's make sure your physiology is in the now moment too!

Learn how your health and well-being are impacted by whether your physiology is able to connect in your cells. Learn how to start connecting on your own with Somato Respiratory integration (SRI) and have immediate access to finding ‘home’ and ‘peace’ in your body as well as just being present with 'what is'.