Pulse PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency


You have no idea how much PEMF can help… until you try it!

PEMF Therapy is a way to recharge every cell in your body so your cells are better able to uptake nutrients, excrete waste, and function optimally. The number one sign that your cells need energy support is pain. Pain and fatigue are your body’s cry for help — it’s how your body gets your attention. Other signs include dis-ease, weakness, reduced function of any body part, and emotional imbalances.

Your body benefits from coming into direct contact with the earth’s magnetic field — it’s one of the reasons people love walking on the beach so much. The ocean’s salt water is an excellent conductor of energy that increases the transfer of energy from earth to body.

The earth’s electromagnetic field (EMF) is safe and beneficial. However, modern technology like mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, computer screens, and high-tension wires produce an EMF at an extreme level that bombards every cell in your body with detrimental energy.

Each cell in your body is like a battery, capable of holding only so much energy. Think of your cells like a mobile phone — over time they lose their charge and need to be recharged to function. There are various reasons your cells may not be generating or maintaining enough charge: physical injury, toxicity, scar tissue, inflammation, and poor nutrition are just some things that suck the life out of your cellular batteries.

The FDA started approving PEMF back in 1979 for bone loss (it was even used by NASA to support the astronauts when they returned to Earth). The FDA made additional approvals in 1987 for post-operative edema and pain, 2004 as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery, and 2011 for depression.

Since every cell in your body needs to hold a charge, every cell in your body can benefit from PEMF.

How does PEMF work?
Imagine your cells as batteries — daily stressors slowly drain them of the energy they need to function optimally. By the end of the day, your body, mind, and soul may feel completely depleted. That’s where PEMF technology comes in! PEMF generates energy at the cellular level without medically invasive procedures. This amplification of natural energy encourages the body to function more effectively for overall wellness. By stimulating and exercising the cell, PEMF addresses dysfunction where it starts (at the cellular level). Users often report feeling relaxed during a PEMF session and energized afterwards!

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Energize the natural healing power hidden within each and every cell of your body with cellular exercise enabled by Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) cellular exercise.

Benefits include:

Stress Management and Emotional Health
Relaxation and Sleep
Brain Function and Focus
Immune Support
Bone and Joint Health
Energy Level and Metabolism

What is PEMF?
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology is a soothing and restorative modality that stimulates and exercises the cells to support overall wellness.
Simply put, PEMF supplies your cells with the energy they need to perform at their highest capacity. Studies show that PEMF may...

● Assist with muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise,
● Enhance the body’s natural recovery process,
● Support general relaxation,
● Assist with muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise,
● Enhance the body’s natural recovery process,

Pulse Centers manufactures the world’s leading PEMF technology with systems designed to energize your mind, body, and life. Pulse’s exclusive accessories are made with human anatomy in mind and handcrafted from ultraluxe, soft, durable, leather-free Ultrafabrics®. Scher Center for Well Being offers PEMF sessions with the Pulse XL Pro, 10” paddles, and 6” rings and square pad.
Pulse PEMF differs from other electromagnetic devices in its low-to-high intensity capability, which allows for a new level of session customization. Pulse PEMF, a non-invasive, relaxing, and safe modality, interacts at the cellular level for lasting wellness benefits.

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